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Hollow Earth



A Journey to the Earth's interior

According to alternative information and theories online the Earth might be a Hollow Body, with an Inner Earthen Sun. There is much information online about this theory or truth. A good book on the subject of the Hollow Earth is the book by Marshall B. Gardner available on Amazon. Or readable for free online here: Sacred Texts Archive ~ A Journey to the Earth's Interior by Marshall B. Gardner

It systematically approaches you to the Hollow Earth. It is the webmasters belief after researching on the Hollow Earth subject and thinking about the possibility on how planets are truly formed that the Earth is actually a Hollow Body. The Earth’s crust is approximately 800 km thick and has two entry holes to the Inner Earth in the South and North pole.


Hollow Earth schematics

Hollow Earth Schematics

Admiral Richard Evelyn Byrd and Operation High Jump

Admiral Richard Evelyn Byrd was an American polar aviator and explorer. He was a highly decorated military officer and the recipient of the Medal of Honour. He commanded the battlegroup during Operation High Jump in the South Pole. According to his diaries he flew inside the Earth and met with the Imperial Germans inside the Earth. The Imperial Germans made it very clear that the Americans were not welcomed there and that they do not wanted war with them. But then the Americans were brainwashed to totally annihilate any German presence in Germany and outside of Germany. So the Americans tried wiping out the Imperial Germans in Antarctica but they did not succeed. They tried in 1947 with Operation Highjump to remove the German presence by force but they met with a very powerful Haunebu, Vril and Andromeda Devices Fleet and hat to withdraw. In 1957-58 the Americans detonated three nuclear bombs in Antarctica to try to destroy the Imperial German base but they failed again.

There is a hidden war going on. All the nations that are still free will be destroyed by the Zionist controlled forces and at the same time they are fighting the Imperial German UFOs that are out there. This hidden war has been going on to this day, that is why they Zionist controlled Western Democracies are all still being brainwashed with Anti German Propaganda to this day. For a possible continuation of the war if the Imperial Germans from the Inner Earth would ever decide to return and liberate their homeland the war would be ignited in an instant. Just image Waffen SS troops landing in our countries how would the people react? Or the militaries of the world? One day the Imperial Germans will have to intervene when the Zionists Banksters orchestrate World War 3 to implement their One World Order.


Admiral Richard Evelyn Byrd Interview