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The hollow Earth



Updated on the 5th of April 2024

A Journey to the Earth's interior

According to alternative information and theories online the Earth might be a hollow body, with an inner earthen sun. There is much information online about this theory or possible truth. A good book on the subject of the hollow Earth is the book by Marshall B. Gardner available on Amazon. Or readable for free online here: Sacred Texts Archive ~ A Journey to the Earth's Interior by Marshall B. Gardner

It systematically approaches you to the hollow Earth. It is the webmasters belief after researching on the hollow Earth subject and thinking about the possibility on how planets are truly formed that the Earth is actually a hollow body. The Earth’s crust is approximately 800 km thick and has two entry holes to the inner Earth in the south and north pole.

Video: Marshall B. Gardner, a Journey to the Earth’s Interior, Part 1 RM
In this video I try to summarize the two first chapters of the book by Marshall B. Gardner. I believe after analyzing the evidence online that the Earth is hollow planet with an inner earthen sun. I hope this video will make you understand the possibility of seeing this as the truth. One day I am sure we will be able to travel the inner Earth and back in the New Golden Age!


Hollow Earth schematics

Hollow Earth Schematic

Video: Alex talks on the Hollow Earth Theory

In this video I discuss the hollow Earth theory. I refer to the book by Marshall B. Gardner and to other evidence that all speak for a hollow earth. There are Imperial German maps that show the entire inner world of Agartha. There is a letter written by Karl Unger that says that the submarine 209 made it to the inner world of Agartha. At the same time I show excerpts from the which again show that the Poles are always censored on world maps and satellite images. At the end I show an article by Kawi Schneider who also tells the truth about the RDs and the hollow earth.


Video: Alex talks about Hollow Earth Basics RM

In this video I talk about the hollow Earth theory or possible truth. I believe after researching years online and thinking about it that all planets and stars are holloids or hollow spheres! I read parts of a hollow Earth blog and refer to the documents found by the Russian Secret Service at the end of the war in 1945 in Germany. The Imperial Germans mapped the entire inner world of Agartha!

Website about hollow Earth basics: Biblioteca Pleyades


Video: Russian journalist inspects NS-Maps of Agartha

In this video the NS maps of Agartha are examined by a Russian journalist. He says that most of the data on the maps are real. He says that at that time the German submarines could not dive 400 meters deep, but at the same time he says that there were newer submarines of the special convoy of the Führer, which could dive especially deep. The charts were examined by an oceanologist and the data on the chart (the numerical values) agree with the ebb and tide of the water near the South Pole. A very interesting paper about the hollow earth! This document gives a step by step guide on how to get to Agartha by submarine.(In Russian, with German subtitles)


From and NASA. Outlines of Landsat ETM, scenes used in LIMA

This is a mosaic image of the satellite images of the South Pole. As you can see, the images are lined up to create the whole image or mosaic. This is how the Antarctic is mapped. The question here is, why are there no images of the center of Antarctica? Because that is where the entrance to Agartha or Inner World is located! NASA and other official bodies are always censoring the North and South Pole entrances when they take pictures of the Earth!


ESA European Space Agency ice layer measurements

This image from a video of the European Space Agency shows us the ice layer thickness at the North Pole. As you can see a circle is censored or faded out. This is the entrance to the inner world of Agartha, and the Satanic elite have been hiding this truth for a very long time!


AGI graphic of the orbits of polar satellites

This is an image or graph that shows the orbits of polar satellites. As you can see, all the satellites shown here have an orbit so that they orbit around the entrance of the North Pole. Why are they doing this? Because the first satellites with true polar orbits simply followed the Earth's curvature at the North Pole entrance and fell back to Earth. That's why rocket engineers and NASA scientists have since given all polar satellites an orbit around the North and South Pole entrance.


Picture of the South Pole entrance of the earth from satellite photos from the 1960s

If you search deeper online you will find old satellite pictures from the 1960s of the pole openings! Here you can see the South Pole entrance and you can see the inner sun.

Polare Satelliten

Admiral Richard Evelyn Byrd and Operation High Jump

Admiral Richard Evelyn Byrd was an American polar aviator and explorer. He was a highly decorated military officer and the recipient of the Medal of Honour. He commanded the battlegroup during Operation High Jump in the South Pole. According to his diaries he flew inside the Earth and met with the Imperial Germans inside the Earth. The Imperial Germans made it very clear that the Americans were not welcomed there and that they do not wanted war with them. But then the Americans were brainwashed to totally annihilate any German presence in Germany and outside of Germany. So the Americans tried wiping out the Imperial Germans in Antarctica but they did not succeed. They tried in 1947 with Operation Highjump to remove the German presence by force but they met with a very powerful Haunebu, Vril and Andromeda Devices Fleet and hat to withdraw. In 1957-58 the Americans detonated three nuclear bombs in Antarctica to try to destroy the Imperial German base but they failed again.

There is a hidden war going on. All the nations that are still free will be destroyed by the Zionist controlled forces and at the same time they are fighting the Imperial German UFOs that are out there. This hidden war has been going on to this day, that is why they Zionist controlled Western Democracies are all still being brainwashed with Anti German Propaganda to this day. For a possible continuation of the war if the Imperial Germans from the Inner Earth would ever decide to return and liberate their homeland the war would be ignited in an instant. Just image Waffen SS troops landing in our countries how would the people react? Or the militaries of the world? One day the Imperial Germans will have to intervene when the Zionists Banksters orchestrate World War 3 to implement their One World Order.


Admiral Richard Evelyn Byrd Interview

In this interview Richard Evelyn Byrd is asked if he saw anything while flying in the South Pole. And he answers that he saw continents larger than the USA there, beautiful green forests and oceans. He says it is the most peaceful place in the world. The interview is in English.