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Analysis of the present situation

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The Zionists like George Soros and the Rothschilds are doing their very best to destroy our peoples worldwide. They want to impose a worldwide communist dictatorship. Their ultimate goal is to destroy all white countries in the world via massive non-white immigration. In Europe millions of Africans are migrating through North Africa on boats on the Mediterranean and try to get to Europe. Millions more are coming from Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq, Syria and many other countries worldwide to Europe. They all believe that they will get everything for free once they get here. The truth is that they will swarm us and once they find out that we no longer can give them housing or food then we will fight for our lives. This is the plan by the Pharisees to destroy Europe and all other white countries worldwide. At the same time the Pharisees who are in Power in the USA and most Western Countries destroy every country that could be a potential threat to Israel. They destroyed Iraq because of this, they destroyed Libya because of this. They even destroyed the Third Reich and Japan during World War 2 because they were not part of the Global Zionist Empire. They always use the same tactic over and over again. Through control of the media, they brainwash the populace to believe lies after lies and coerce them to do war crimes or even go to war with another country. Just imagine the millions of men, women and children that died during the firebombing of all German cities and Japanese cities during World War 2. The Americans were not fighting for freedom they were destroying those that have broken free from Rothschild control. All western countries are Zionist Controlled. Communist China is another Zionist Occupied Government and yes even Russia. The Zionist Elites plan to provoke a Third World War to install their One World Government or New World Order. This World Order would be ruled by Greater Israel. The entire world would be the slaves of Greater Israel.

Invasion of Europe

You must know that there are two parallel plans in the works. The one plan of the Zionists who believe that they will soon gain victory over the goyim and will rule for eternity. And the other plan is the plan of salvation of God or Christ. According to the Camelot Project interview these warmongers believe that they will be victorious. They act like they already won. And they are proceeding with their plans of world conquest and the destruction of all White Western Countries. According to Eustace Mullins “The New World Order”, the Elites want to reduce the global population down to 500 million. In the Camelot Project interview, it is stated that they would achieve this by the usage of a bioweapon. This would be released via conventional means and not with missiles or warheads. In the news it would seem that a new disease would have spring in East Asia. This “disease” would be some new altered bird flu virus and would spread fast and kill millions in the process. This is why they keep telling us on regular basis that some “evil” virus is going to kill us all (Ebola, Bird Flu, etc). After the Corona Lockdown measures of 2020, we see that they do not have any plans to use a bioweapon to kill us all off. Their goal is to reduce the world population by administering vaccines. The so-called Spanish Flu did not kill many people, but millions died afterwards because of the mandatory vaccinations (many soldiers back then were forced to take the vaccines, and many died because of it). Their goal is to reduce our numbers in any way possible.

Right now, the US has not started any new war because of President Donald Trump. He actually ended the Mossad funded and operated ISIS and apparently did not dispose of President Bashar Assad. The Zionists wanted Hillary Clinton in power, but they did not count with Donald Trump. We all know that Hillary is a Satanic Witch that most likely sacrificed babies and children and we know that the Zionists like George Soros control the mass media. Right now, they are trying to remove President Elect Donald Trump from power because they want to restart their wars in the Middle East. I believe that the powers that be will do their best to remove Donald Trump from power and reinstall Biden as their puppet. If they do not succeed with this fraudulent election, they will most likely revert to other means to remove Donald Trump from office (like they did with John F. Kennedy, President Garfield, President Lincoln and the assassination attempt on President Andrew Jackson). The Zionists still want to implement their one world communist order and will do everything in their power to make this plan come to realization.

So, we have Russia, the USA, China and the unknown force of the Imperial Germans as global players in this struggle for freedom and peace. Nicolaas van Rensburg saw in his visions that there would be a new conflict in the Balkans (Merkel was warned of a new possible conflict in the Balkans because of the mass immigration of so called “refugees”) And that this conflict would erupt in a bigger war.


Analysis of the near future


Civil War in Europe

The Siener van Rensburg, Alois Irlmair and Jean Raspail have had all visions or visionary input that saw the downfall of Europe because of massive non-white immigration. This would result in civil war in multiple European countries, France, England, Italy and even Germany. This plan of the Zionist Elites to destroy Europe is right now being executed. Merkel is nothing but a Zionist stooge executing her orders from her superiors. Yes, she is a Traitor to the German people but nevertheless she remains a puppet that follows orders from her Zionist overlords. Many viewers saw the civil war in Europe. This has already been realized to some extent. Since 2015 there have been numerous terrorist attacks in Europe. Although most of these alleged terrorist attacks are orchestrated by the Mossad to further incite minority groups in Europe to burn down Churches and kill Christians. Since 2015 the crime rate in our European cities has exploded because of this George Soros executed plan of illegal mass migration into Europe. In Germany alone these alleged refugees have committed over 500000 crimes in the first year! Tens of thousands of German women have already been raped and or killed. Paris is a multi-cultural hellhole where women in the outskirts of Paris are hunted and raped. Not even mentioning Sweden that has the highest rape rate in the world next to South Africa. Again, the politicians are selling us out, and this is all happening by design. It is written in the Talmud that Europe or the land of the goyim must fall. For the Pharisees this is just a fulfilment of a long plan to destroy the Caucasian Race by intermixing, immigration and open genocide and warfare.


The Middle East

Because of Donald Trump the war against ISIS has come to an end. The US has not fully pulled out from the Middle East but at least the USA did not start any new war. The Democrats in the USA are now talking about restarting the wars in the Middle East if the Puppet and Pedophile Biden becomes president. The Pharisees will still do their best to remove Trump from power with any means necessary. What the mass media campaign has shown me is that the Pharisees have control of the world media, all media including that of Russia and China and even India. When China wants Biden in power and Russia Today also reporting over the alleged “victory” of Biden after this incredible fraudulent election then you can clearly see that most high-ranking politicians of any country is under direct control of the Satanists or Pharisees. In essence the Third World War would be played out by all factions that are under direct control of the Pharisees. Only the Imperial Germans from the Inner World of Agartha are free to do what they wish. All visible armies on the outer shell will be used as pawns to start a new order from chaos. The Pharisees have written in the protocols of the learned elders of Zion that they will use wars and even world wars to achieve their goal of world domination. If Donald Trump is elected, then the Pharisees will most likely use force to take him out. According to Alois Irlemaier a high-level politician would be assassinated. Whereafter the Russians would invade Europe in a Blitzkrieg. They would advance very fast and reach the Rhine River region within weeks or even days. Europe is practically defenseless; the Pharisees have done their best to disarm Germany and to subvert the German populace morally and physically. According to Nicholaas van Rensburg the Third World War would start in conjunction with the Boer uprising and battle for freedom. In South Africa the Boers would get help from the Imperial Germans. The Siener saw that a German Force with weapons no one else has would intervene during the Third World War and destroy the Russian attackers at the Rhine river region. According to the Thule Temples prophecies after the Russian attack on Europe China would backstab Russia and attack them through Mongolia and at the same time try to attack the USA. During this time the USA would be “busy with itself”. Many viewers saw that there would a second revolutionary war in the USA. If the Pharisees truly take-out President Trump the Trump Supporters would rise up in arms. At the same time de Siener saw that there would be an uprising in Europe after the Russian Invasion has taken place.


Unfolding of the Third World War

The Third World War would be horrific but not a total nuclear war. The war would be a limited nuclear war. The Chinese would be the first to make use of their nuclear arsenal. The Year the war starts there would be a mild winter and a good harvest for Europe. The wheat will still be able to be harvested but not the oats. The Russian attack would happen without anybody expecting it and they would advance really quickly. With three spearheads attacking Eastern and Central Europe the Russians would get as far as the Ruhr and Rhine River regions. Here they would be stopped by a military force with weapons that no other state owns (The so-called Imperial Germans). During the war a powerful leader will emerge. It is the webmaster’s belief that this is the so-called Jesus Christ figure, Vishnu Kalki, Third Sargon, Messiah or Avenger. According to the Sajahan Prophecies the Third Sargon or Jesus Christ would emerge from the Land of the Midnight Mountain or Germany. This man would be of pure blood and related to the Ancient Babylonians (Aryan blood). This leader would lead the defense forces against the Russians and pass Judgment on all Mankind. According to the Vedas and Sajaha he would have incredible powers, being able to tremble the Earth with one mighty blow and would cast lightning strikes against the enemies. He would be superhuman. If we know that levitation is possible, and chi or prana energy can be used to conduct electricity then it is not too far off to believe that this person or God in the Flesh would have these abilities and lots more. According to the Vedas Kalki would be flying across the sky on top of a White Horse, Sleipnir from the Nordic Sagas. According to Sajaha he would be on a chariot of fire annihilating the evil seed of this planet. Nevertheless, this powerful leader would bring peace, order and tranquility.

The Imperial Germans who stand in the light of truth know that the most important institutions are the mass media systems. Special troops and units would either take control of these propaganda stations and start preaching the truth or they would take control of the airwaves and start transmitting their own propaganda. The Imperial Germans will help liberate Germany and the rest of the world from Zionist Tyranny.

During this event, in between the months of October and December a black supernatural cloud will emerge from the east. This cloud would engulf the entire Earth for 3 days and kill all those that have negative souls or all those that are unable to make the trans dimensional jump into the New Frequency based Dimension. This would mean a purification of the Earth. According to the Isais revelations the animals and plants are sacred and that they would be spared from this purification. Although I have seen in visions that any plant or organism that is parasitical and harmful to the others would also be removed from the ecology of Earth. The death toll from the black cloud and natural disasters would be far higher than all the wars of the past combined. Depending on which seer and prophecies that you read the global death toll after this event would be from 30% to 90% of the global population. I have had visions where this cloud is active somehow and picks its targets consciously. Remote viewers have seen this event in the future and call it the Killshot.

After this event and war ends that would only last about 3 months most of Europe would be in ruins. The seed of evil would be destroyed. All the Zionist overlords and all their helpers will no longer be on Earth. Many cities in Europe have been destroyed or severely damaged because of the floods created by the Russian Nuclear bomb that would have been dropped in the North Sea. Millions upon millions of people would have lost their lives.


The Near Future

Most countries in the world revert to the natural way of ruling, Monarchy. Germany would get a New Kaiser and become a new Kaiser Reich. All former German territories would be returned to Germany. Even Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxemburg, Switzerland and even Italy will join the New German Kaiser Reich. Poland will get a king. Russia will get a new Tsar. Once the Zionist Jews are removed from power globally the natural nobility will take up rulership in these countries. The 1000-year Golden Age will then begin. We will no longer need weapons of mass destruction because war will be a thing of the past. Every Kingdom on Earth will solely have a defensive military for the protection of the country and not to attack and subvert other nations. The Zionist will no longer instigate wars, famines or revolutions. The world will know peace for the first time since this war began thousands of years ago.

(updated 13. November 2020)


Project Camelot, interview with an insider (German)

This is a very interesting interview on how the Secret Elite plans the next great step in developing their plan of global dominion. The interview fails to mention that the driving force behind this Executive Elites are the Zionist Jews under leadership of the Rothschild’s. The City of London is an independent state within London itself. It is comparable to the Vatican City or Washington DC. The interview portrays a entire plan on how the Third World War will be used to reduce global population down to 50%. In the Georgia Guidestones it is stated that they want to reduce the world population down to 500 million. The chosen people after this culling of the masses would be the Chinese Race. Their number one goal is to destroy all White Western Nations, because they cannot tolerate any strong independent race that could rival their power over the world. And because it is stated in the Jewish Talmud that the Goyim, specifically the Caucasian Race, should be destroyed. According to Eustace Mullins China too is the chosen nation of the Zionist Elites. This is why in the last 30 years China has been pushed up to become a world economic super power. The Chinese got all their technology from the West. Without the creative technology the White Race produced the Chinese would have never reached such a high technological level. We will analyse the various steps the interview reveals in what the Elites want to implement their one world order. According to Jan Udo Holey’s books 500 million chips have already been produced, these chips will be used to tag the survivors of this incredible purging of the people of this world, these survivors will all get their personal RFID Chip in their right hands or forehead, like mentioned in the Bible. I quote:

Revelation 13:16 “It also forced all people, great and small, rich and poor, free and slave, to receive a mark on their right hands or on their foreheads.”

And I further quote:

“Revelation 13:17: So that they could not buy or sell unless they had the mark, which is the name of the beast or the number of its name.”

Synopsis of the interview:

  • 15:00 Short introduction City of London, power holders, “these people were already talking of plans being executed, talking of financial securities and power.”
  • 15:31 Iran already has tactical nuclear bombs and they together with the Chinese will be the first to use such weapons in a global war type scenario. The interviewee believes the technology of Iran to build these nuclear bombs came from China. Because the Chinese deliver the technology for the ballistic missiles to Iran today already, so yes if Iran has nuclear weapons it would most likely get them from China.
  • 20:00 Provoke a Third World War with Israel attacking Iran and with China backing Iran this could result in a New Global War. The goal is to create a war with China, a limited nuclear war.
  • 23:00 Usage of biological weapons and food shortages to reduce global population.
  • 23:22 Provoke China to attack East Russia.
  • 24:00 Genetic Bio Weapons to be used to reduce the global population.
  • 28:00 Usage of bio weapons will not be “open” it will be shown as a new bird flu that spreads in China. They will use non-conventional methods to spread the bio weapon.
  • 34:00 Militarisation of Police in all Western Countries to control the people. Protests against the Invasion of Iraq was huge, this will no longer be repeated. The Powers that Be will beef up their police forces to possibly thwart any type of revolution.
  • 41:00 “We don’t have democracy, it never was. It is a dictatorship of the elites.”
  • 44:00 China would attack Russia and in response China would be attacked with biological weapons. China is going to get a cold. And I understand that since 50 years there is a work agreement with negative ETs and the US Shadow Government. There are also positive ETs that work against this force to install their one world government.
  • 47:00 World War 1 and World War 2 served specific purposes to install precursors of the future Global Government (United Nations and League of Nations).
  • 52:00 If the people would wake up the Elite would lose their power in an instant. This is my advice to the people, if they choose to wake up the game would be over.
  • 56:00 Why don’t the good ETs intervene? Well the Good ETs exist longer than the regime that rules this world today. They called some of the Elites reptiles and I believe this is a good depiction of them, they are cold without emotions. Intervention? I believe that they have done so much already, they are highly developed spiritual entities and view the world in a different light and timeframe. Time flows for the ETs slower than for us. They are doing what they can from their perspective. I don’t know when or how they will intervene, I feel that this will happen but I don’t know when this will take place.
  • 1:03:00 This regime will lose its power. There is a raising in awareness and consciousness on this planet. Everything will become worse the but the negative forces will not win, they will fail.
  • 1:10:00 We are dealing with very powerful people. They are very arrogant. They believe that they have won already and don’t even try to suppress the alternative media like the Internet. George Green says it correctly, they are very power driven and arrogant people, the Elites.

The interview gives a plan of the Zionist Elites to implement their One World Order under the rulership of Greater Israel. They plan to implement this One World Order after a “controlled” Third World War. Pretty much as they introduced the League of Nations after the First World War, and as they created the United Nations after the Second World War, the Zionist elites want to install their One World Government after a controlled Third World War. The researcher and author Eustace Mullins also found out that the goal of the Zionist Elite is to have around 500 Million people after this implementation of their New World Order. In this interview of an insider it is stated that the world population would be reduced down to 50%. It fails to mention though the plan that is being executed right now to destroy Europe and all other White Countries worldwide. The interviewee also doesn’t know of the existence of the Imperial Germans but he does believe that there are Good ETs. Nevertheless we can take the information of this interview and process it and compare it to other scripts that can be found online.


Thule Tempel Signs of the Turning

This is a collection of prophecies put together at the Thule Tempel Website. The sources of these prophecies varies from the Maria Revelations, Edgar Cayce, Nikolaas van Rensburg, Templer Revelations, High Priestess Sajaha, Alois Irlmair, the Hopi Indians and many many more. The chronology is not quite accurate. So we will just analyse this table of events and try to come to our own conclusion.
Source: Thule Tempel Signs of the Turning (German)

  • cars, airplanes, u boats, skyscrapers, space stations, TVs and even the Smart Phone, all these tools and technology were predicted.
  • Monarchies disappear (occurred) (Van Rensburg)
  • There will be two world wars before the third and final world war. (Van Rensburg, Marie Julie, Hopi, Billy Meier, …)
  • Fall of the Berlin Wall and the collapse of the Soviet Union (occurred)
  • Fall of sovereign states, more and more multinational organs are taken over power. (NAFTA and EU as an example).
  • Russian and American Forces pull out of Germany. This only happened partially. The Russian Forces retreated but the Americans still have over 50000 troops stationed in Germany and also have tactical nuclear weapons stored there.
  • Moral decline, materialism, degeneration, fragrancy. (occurred) (Irlemaier, Sajaha, Ilu Tani, Marina Kisin)
  • The number of natural disasters will increase. (occurred) (Irlmaier, Edgar Cayce)
  • Increased Godlessness (i.e. Theory of Evolution is spread as factual truth. Seen by Irlmaier, High Priestess Sajaha…) (occurred)
  • Warning prophecies like the Maria Revelations and Apparitions are ignored by the masses and laughed at. (occurred)
  • Legalisation of abortion (occurred)
  • Legalisation of euthanasia (not yet occurred, will be implemented in the New Golden Age, a spirit form in a broken body suffers, we will see this truth and Euthanasia will be legalized worldwide).
  • Large numbers of foreigners enter Europe. This happened in the past and is happening right now as we speak.

Concrete details to the exact date of the global turning.

  • When at Mount Isa sacred metals are mined then the end is near. Recently the Government of Australia has started to mine uranium ore in the Mount of Isa (Aborigines)
  • Building of a house in the sky is one of the last signs (reference to the Mir and ISS Space Stations: Hopi Indians)
  • New conflict on the Balkans. (i.e. Waldviertler)
  • The Mayan Calendar ends in 2012.
  • An important African person dies and is kept in a glass coffin (Nikolaas van Rensburg)
  • The global turning will take place during the reign of the Successor of Benedikt XVI. (the Malachy Prophesy of the Popes)
  • Warm winter and early and beautiful spring in the war year. This could also mean that winters in Europe becoming milder and softer at the End of Times.
  • A fruitful year with much fruit and grain being harvested. The wheat can still be harvested but the oats cannot be harvested in time before the war breaks out.
  • There are countless new taxes.
  • Pope travelling to Moscow.
  • End of the Maria apparitions.
  • New middle eastern war. (ISIS in Syria and Iraq and all nations fighting them)
  • A big bomb is dropped in Persia, most likely Tehran.
  • Everybody is shouting peace and then the war starts.
  • Terrorist attack on Manhattan (most likely 911)
  • Collapse of the stock exchange and economy.
  • Large war in Eastern Africa.
  • From Africa, millions of blacks start migrating.
  • Civil war in France and Italy and possibly also Germany and England.
  • Paris is burned down by insurgents, most likely minority groups and leftists activists.
  • Persecutions of Christians in Rome. The Pope flees from Rome.
  • Japan and California disappear into the sea from earthquakes. (Japan already happened, California is going to happen.)
  • Large naval fleets confront each other in the Mediterranean. (Irlmair)
  • Peace negotiations where a western official is assassinated.
  • Begin of the war in the summer or late summer.(July or beginning of August of some year)

The World Turning according to Thule Tempel

In this part we will check out the Thule Tempel depictions of the Global Turning. It is again a collection of views and prophecies but the chronology is not certain or accurate. Source: Thule Tempel Weltwende (German)

  • The US will be involved in another Middle Eastern War. Peace is attained but then the war breaks out afterwards. (Proxy War against ISIS and Syria)
  • Large volcanic eruptions take place and powerful earthquakes where Japan and California sink in the sea. (Japan occurred in 2011, California will still occur)
  • Manhattan is destroyed by warheads. The media blames Islamic Terrorism for it (this was most likely 911)
  • Economic collapse.
  • Civil war in multiple European Countries. France and Italy are hit the hardest.
  • In Italy Priests are persecuted and the Pope has to flee. He flees with two cardinals from Rome to Genoa and from there to Cologne.
  • Russia first occupies Afghanistan/Iran/Iraq/Turkey then Yugoslavia and finally Scandinavia. (seen by Erna Stieglitz, Anton Johansson, Brother Adam, Birker Claesson)
  • In between Russia and the West develops a tense situation. In de Mediterranean the Major Powers’ Fleets confront each other (US Sixth Fleet and Russian Black Sea Fleet are right now in the Mediterranean, seen by Irlmaier)
  • New conflict on the Balkans (i.e. Brother Adam, Waldviertler)
  • Peace negotiations. During the meeting a very important (Russian) official is assassinated by two other people. (Böhmen, Irlmaier, Nikolaas van Rensburg, Pope Johannes XXIII)
  • Unexpected lightning attack from Russia on Eastern and Western Europe. (this was seen by: Waldviertler, Feldpostbriefe, Nikolaas van Rensburg, Mühlhiasl, Irlmaier, Giorgio Maria da Terni, Jan Cornelius van der Heise).
  • The Attack is done with three spearheads against Middle Europe. The first line goes over Berlin and Hamburg to Holland, the second over Saxony to the Ruhr Area and the third spearhead from the Czech Republic, along the north side of the River Donau. . (according to other sources alongside the Alps) to the upper Rhine. The Russians advance incredibly fast and without meeting much resistance to the Rhine and Canal coast. Here they can be stopped firstly. Another spearhead would go through Yugoslavia to Italy and Southern France. (Seen by Irlamier, Josef Albrecht, Brother Adam, Josef Stockert, Father Mattay, Erna Stieglitz)
  • On the side of the Western Armed Forces new unmanned aircrafts are used (drones).
  • There is chaos and hunger in the overran areas. Many people in particular the soldiers of the advancing armies rape, murder and plunder. (i.e. seen by Katharina vom the Oetztal, Josef Stockert, Korkowski, Mühlhiasl)
  • Also in the Middle East there is a confrontation in between the Russian and NATO Forces. The USA first occupies Saudi Arabia. There is an enormous battle where Israel is destroyed. (seen by Waldviertler, Nikolaas van Rensburg)
  • The USA and Europe will not intervene because they will be busy with themselves (civil war)
  • China or Russia starts an offensive over Alaska against Canada and the USA.
  • China joins the fight against the Russians (correlates with the Camelot Project Interview). (seen by Waldviertler, Lucia von Fatima, Parravinci, Marina Kisin, Dumitru Duduman)
  • Especially in the Czech Republic there are devastating battles. The land is completely destroyed.
  • The Chinese have small, manoeuvrable tanks that are vastly superior to the Russians. (Waldviertler)
  • From both sides (at least in the Czech Republic) nuclear weapons are used. The Chinese are the first though to use their nuclear arsenal.
  • A yellow stripe (chemical weapons) is dropped by US Aircrafts from Prague to the Baltic Sea. The afflicted areas can no longer be passed, the Russians are cut off from their supply lines.
  • At the Rhine river Muslims and Turks ally themselves and stand against the West and or Russians.
  • The Russians drop a nuclear bomb in the North Sea. This leads to devastating floods in of all major port cities in Denmark, Holland, Belgium, North Germany and England. The hardest hit cities are London, Hamburg and Antwerp.
  • Poland first fights with the Russians but then changes sides.
  • Natural disasters bring the Russian Attack to an end. The rest of the Russian Forces withdraw to the North. (Natural disasters could also mean God)
  • In central Europe a volunteer army of Germans, Austrians and Swiss forms and they are led by a powerful leader (Monarch, Third Sargon, Kalki, Jesus Christ, Mehdi) (seen by Nikolaas van Rensburg, Pastor von Baden, Bible, Sajaha…)
  • The New German Army has weapons and technology that no other state owns (Intervention of the Imperial Germans in Europe and the world).
  • Also the French go over into the counter offensive.
  • Devastating battles take place in between the Western Alliance and the Russians take place in Lyon and Ulm.
  • The decisive battle takes place in Westphalia. The Western Alliance destroys the attacking Russians for good.
  • The People are full of hatred against the rest of the Russian attackers.
  • Large diseases and epidemics (cancer, TBC, Diabetes, Etc.)
  • The highpoint of the event will take place probably in between the months of October and December. The event is seen by almost every viewer and can be seen as absolute certain. A black cloud starts from the West and spreads all across the world. This cloud emits lightning and thunders. This cloud would engulf the entire Earth and would keep it dark for 3 days. With the 3 day total darkness a pollution of the air takes place and anybody breathing this dies. This event has a paranormal character and it will kill off all those that are not of good spirit.
  • Pole shift.
  • The three days of total darkness, the natural disasters claim way more lives than the actual war.
  • The poisonous cloud drifts to the East and dissolves.
  • A cross in the sky appears.
  • The Earth is covered with sulfuric ashes, that disappears after a few days leaving a fertile and healthy land.
  • The Russian people revolt and remove their war driving Government.
  • The Russian offensive and probably the entire turning would only be short around 3 months.

Consequences of the World Turning

  • Many European cities are destroyed or badly damaged among others: Prague, Paris, Marseille, Antwerp, Hamburg and London.
  • North Germany, England, Belgium and the Netherlands have been severely damaged by the floods. (i.e. Anton Johansson)
  • In the areas of the north and east side of the Donau River is the level of destruction quite high, whereas Southern Bavaria is relatively peaceful and spared from this. (Irlmaier)
  • A large part of the global population has lost their lives because of this. According to various seers and prophecies the death toll varies from 30% to 90% of the global population.
  • Russia and England become obsolete. The USA decomposes into 4 or 5 different nations.
  • France gets a king (return to Monarchy, or natural rule)
  • Poland and Hungary get a king.
  • The Scandinavian countries come together.
  • Portugal and Spain become one nation.
  • Africa becomes Christian. (Van Rensburg, Lied der Linde)
  • Germany becomes the most important and most powerful nation in the world. (The Kingdom of Heaven will be built in the Land of the Midnight Mountain (Untersberg in Germany)) (van Rensburg, Nostradamus, Templar Revelations, Sajaha, Sybillien Books)
  • Germany becomes a new Kaiser Reich.
  • The former German territories in Europe (Schleßien, East Prussia, …) are returned back to Germany. (van Rensburg, Waldviertler)
  • The German speaking countries join the New German Reich.
  • Also the Netherlands, Belgium and Italy join the German Kaiser Reich.
  • Near the Rhine river the New German Kaiser is crowned by the Pope that fled Rome. (possibly in Cologne in the Dome). As a great Monarch he brings peace and order.
  • After the crowning of the Kaiser the papacy ends.
  • Climate has changed, now in central Europe even southern fruits grow.
  • In the Atlantic a new continent arises (or Island).
  • In southern Germany incredible things happen, many chosen people are invited to see this event, probably a new revelation from God. Here the foundation of the Reich and the a new religion is formed.
  • Christianity is the victory religion and is nearly accepted from the whole world. This is though, a newer and cleansed version of Christianity (not the Judeo Christianity that is dominant today).
  • Abolition of abortions.
  • Conventional fossil fuels are replaced by free energy technology.
  • On Earth the 1000 Year Golden Age Begins.

Comparison to the Ilu teachings

  • Before the global turning a globalisation takes place. Multinational organs take over the power in the world.
  • Before the Global Turning moral decline and godlessness prevails. What top is below and what below is on top.
  • Before the global turning Satan in human form comes to Earth (Anti-Christ)
  • The big war breaks out when the darkness is the biggest, when nobody knows and expects it.
  • The war or global turning does not take much time only around 3 months.
  • The global turning will be devastating and horrible.
  • On the height of the events there will be an illumination of the northern sky.
  • The highpoint of the global turning will be the so called “purification”. Many people die because of this, mostly of negative souls.
  • After or during the war a special person enters the scene. (Jesus Christ, Third Sargon, Avenger, Saviour, Great Monarch) and creates peace and order.
  • After the global turning Germany will become the most important country on Earth.
  • A 1000 year old peaceful and Golden Age begins.

Video: Alex on the Siener van Rensburg and World War 3


Video: The Isais Revelations (German)


Video: Johannes von Jerusalem (German)


Video: Alex over the High Priestess Sajaha (German)