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The Isais Revelations

Updated on the 13th October 2023


From the light of the moon,
from the darkness of the night,
you come forth,
Sister Isai',
who always saw us,
who always thought of us.

After their return from Nineveh, in the years 1226 to 1228 at the Ettenberg, at the foot of the Untersberg (Archive 1, Templar Heritage Community, Spring 2002)

Truth I speak to you to the ear. Image I give you to the face; speak knowledge and wisdom, all-embracing, from beginning to end, talk not parable nor allegory, not detouring' word, clearly I announce what was, what is.

Human being, since earthbound, doomed to die - and immortal at the same time;

Celestial children, heavenly born, many thousand times older than the world here.

Sons of light and daughters of splendor, dwellers in the sky, lost in the darkness, living in the light - and yet succumbing to the shadow; eternal and yet not free from dying. Wanderers over the ridges of the worlds, newly born on this side - yet destined for the other side. Children of gods, but not godlike. There is still more meaningful about the people; old their lineage - young their world. Unborn the human beings, since the beginning there - will always be. Pre-beginning was there from pre-eternity everything given not space was nor time. Beingless slumbering.

The beings there all, the Allfather had mercy on them, created measurable time, created spaces, wanderable: heavenly worlds. There the seeds of the beings sank; eternity had become from pre-eternity, beginning had sprouted from pre-beginning.

All-Father deigned to take care of the beings. Giving life-force, soul-awakening, spirit-awakening. The beings recognize themselves according to their kind: were such, as later became humans, were such, as became animals, were such like green plants and such that became demons spirits. And everything nevertheless not, as today the earth knows it, what the heavenly worlds are missing. Is indeed heaven-escaped, what lives in the earthly, having fled once Allfather's light, soughtgabend foreign shadows - unsuspecting. For the prince of shadows rose against the vastness of the sky, to defy Allfather. A realm of shadows the prince of shadows created far from the heavens: The dark hell. Empty endlessness stretches between these worlds; no one, who versed there. In the middle, between dark and light, mighty spirits built Valhalla. There live Allvater's bold gods, eternal war rules between them and hell, but from heavenly worlds numerous beings fell away, unsuspecting to look at hell later they became the people. Such all sank in helplessness, forgetting the own name, forgetting everything what was.

For these fallen ones Allfather freshly created new worldliness: Earth realm of this side with the universe of the stars, to the rebirth of the lost multitudes, wandering way up to the earthly dying and gate to the heavenly homecoming. Beyond the world arch gave Allfather in addition the human decay'are; the bridge for their return.

The world entities I call you now all, well-created, all-father-joined First of all the heavenly world of eternal light, Allfather's kingdom, all beings original home.The all-embracing grassland then is no world plane, which it did not encompass, which is like beyond the great mirror. In it also the hell is, the dark, gray blood-burning, disgust of endless agony. In the midst of Greenland Valhalla has its place strong fortress, magnificent castle.

The world of this world also floats in the Green Land, with the Earth and the shining stars. Likewise spans there the beyond worlds multicolored arch from sky-high to down to the hell Gar numerous are the worlds over there, wander through the human being after earthly dying. On Greenland's edge, far away, lies an eerie realm: The gray pits of the demons; often frightening, but also silent. There are more sleeping worlds in Greenland and also the silent valley of the sinking ones. The earth dwellers come from there, germling-like first, to roam this world. To win the homecoming.

True I speak, speak knowledge and wisdom, teach knowledge and way to you with clear word. In heavenly worlds dwells Allfather with his faithful. In hell dwells the dark prince of shadows, the rejected one, the corruptor: Shaddain is his name. In Valhalla rule the cheerful heroes, the gods with their women. Guest right with them Ischtara has, Allfather's messenger. The ones go in and out there, the double immortals, brothers and sisters of mine.

All people reach this world, with them animals and plants, to wander through earthly life. The otherworldly arch offers them a way after earthly death. Each one chooses his path. In Greenland all can meet: Good and evil, any kind. Isais, who teaches you, has her office there. At night in sleep your spirit lifts itself from the body, u roam the slumber worlds. Many a thing meets there, exchanges itself sometimes on time. Up some spirit strives also in broad daylight. Vibration from the beyond may speak to him to give message. But I warn: Often such is deception.
Attention, human beings, Earth post-born!

And look: Not here lies the beginning, hardness. Truthfully I speak to you and in clear I will advise you. War is in the times of the ages, since Shaddain rose against Allfather. Find a place, grasp a space, where the hero's sword is needed, where bold action is required. Know which place is yours. He who hesitates tolerates - he who tolerates lets hell prevail. Gently offer greeting to the meek, but battle cry hurl against the wicked. Know love in its place. like the hour of the spear. Compassionately feel, where need claws tore a suffering. But look hard into the eye of the grappler. Strike a blow - do not hesitate where a dark cloud descends. Be a warrior - where warrior rage prevails. Be a lover at the home stove.

The earth's wandering is divided into two: how holy is the day and dark the night. Never think that only one of the two is. True I say, I want to show you further, I want to show what is: home infested Schaddain Earth cities and countries, seas and canyons, deserts and forests, floodplains and mountains, breaks open the sources of torment, he drenched the peoples with blood, acting as a god. Many-faced the grimace of evil gapes from the seams of the earth everywhere, many-headed the tearing maws. No stroke of the sword alone is capable of dividing all.

Sea of flames over the countries will still roar many a time units, before the worm passes away. Malice feeds the evil belly, makes the caster of shadows mighty. Who would stop the horror, as long as the jug of clearing water does not open? Therefore persevere! You shall stand ready through all times, until the hour of the victorious sword is fulfilled. Then the flag will fly high in the storm of the final battle, when the water jug's ray nets the Earth's world.

Far away the day, the hour of victory. Sweeping clouds pile up, lightning they spit. Kingdom of light! O kingdom of light, the ship's keel breaks, only debris lands on the shore of Harm. Pick up the pieces, carefully guard for new work: victory ship there once. When the ray blows the sail from beyond it comes through Ilu's sun, invisible - then is the time.

Peering through the starry world, looking up to the head of the bull. The lance he brings. Measure the stars: from the head of the bull to the water jug. Below the means you find the black and purple stone.
Black stone, powerful force. Isais once recovered it from Hell's gruesome place, outwitting the prince of the shadow, who stole it from Valhalla. Offered sacrifices to Isais, cut from her head hair a cubit length and put on boy's clothes to deceive Shaddain's guards. Isais thus entered Hell's dark pool, to save the black and purple stone: mighty its power, gives water jug's light.

Hail to the knowledgeable! Hail to the wise, who follow what is advised. They will be powerful.

Women's hair binds magical power, beyond vibration catches it in this world. The longer it waltzes in symmetry, the more light power it can gain, but not unthreatened in dark times, because Shaddain lusts after it. Flowing spirits, magical vibratory power, sometimes chooses the long hair of the maiden as a refuge. It is mostly good, gives a lot, gives the ability to work through will. Those in the yard and at the hearth and in the light, keep it long. But those who openly fight against the darkness, may cut it a piece, as Isais did to the journey to hell.
Powerful the man is in combat with the sword with the sword and power of his will magical, however, is the woman.

The signs in the sky recognize you. The called one feels it, the chosen ones understand it, they call me: "From the light of the moon, from the darkness of the night, you come, sister Isai, who always saw us, who always thought of us".

The stone appears black - and yet it is light. The elemental part - unspeakably strong. Man's strength leads him, woman's kind rejuvenates him, makes effective there Walhall's army, his home people, victory he gives thousand-year lasting certain.
For in Vodin's mountain power rests. He hears the sound of voices, the chosen tongue, does not like strangers. Is not conscious of itself, yet equal in deed; is black-purple rock - yet holy' power of life. I, Isais the maiden, whom I choose for you, who speaks to you, I give to your tribe.

He who kisses Isais' mouth, neck and hair, will be kissed again by Isais' spirit. The true ones I hear, but the false ones my claw strikes. If I show myself to you, so that you can form an image, be it of wood, ere or stone - move into it, to rule as a sister among the true ones. But to the false ones I come as a panther. I am so close to you, I am with your tribe for year, hour and day - until the time is fulfilled.

When Ishtara will have opened the glass lid of the water jug and already young light shines effectively then change approaches. Then Isais has finished her work for the time: Ishtara carries the post from now on. You shall then kiss her mouth, eyes and hair, you shall serve the light-powerful one for the purpose, but not forget Isais.

But some, who are the bravest, may remain at my side. From the light of the moon I call them to me. From the light of the moon, they call me: Such are they who do not fear the worst and do not shy away from the hardest, who renounce near peace and bliss, because in Greenland the fight is not yet over. I will no longer be a sister to them, but a bride and spouse.

Only when what the Allfather wants is fulfilled, when the golden time rises above the countries of the earth and in the hearts of all people, only then will the Allfather's sign be valid for mankind. Far is the hour, far is the path. Still long reigns the night of desolation unbound roars Shaddain.

Star daughters and sons of the heavens, Allfather's friends, Shadow might's pain: High rises the will, so knowledge blows there. Determined is the victor since eternity. From the head of the bull, help comes to you in tribulation and distress, the kindred weapon. Children of the bull, Isais' sisters and brothers, the best of the tribes here, keep away from foreign blood, pure remain the tribe, which Isais and Ishtara love, which is predetermined from Allfather's word.

Celestial streams of light all here work through the land; called, come, held, bound by the black stone's bond. At the foot of the mountain here, deeply hidden in the rock, he shall rest until the hour of time, until Wodin takes word and deed there. Therefore you shall pass on Isai's kiss through the generations of the holy tribe, nothing shall break the covenant.

Speak this to you in clear words, my not symbol, say exactly: Faithful remains the kinship in Allfather always and the brotherhood mine. And observe the brother in the bull.

In Greenland's vastness, Valhalla near, Malok spreads his wings, the bold, Isai's faithful companion; the protector hurried on a perilous journey to the castles of the Hall, who saves me from the worst, brought me salvation from Shaddain's henchmen, But I warned, only to call Malok in the greatest need and not otherwise than in my name. For dreadful he is otherwise lightly.

Tell you now, because he resembles the bull's head, the winged warrior, the strong, the bold, the mighty - and yet alone applies. No one can erect a statue to Malok, not even that of Isais. Otherwise he can come differently than you want to summon. Malok's rage will be directed to the right, demanded in my name and image. Many brothers Malek has and some sisters. Powerful beings, roaming the beyond, working magic and helping to direct the fortunes of battle. Tribes often call them their gods. Your goddess, but Ishtara is called Allfather's radiant messenger and your secret companion Isais. You will see her, when the victory battle is fought, for the celebration with long daring head hair, before I shorten again for the further fight. This I speak, because you must know it, to know my image always.

As you think it - so I recognize myself. Because all thoughts are to be seen in Greenland, well understandable message and pictures.

And note again, the Malok may become wild violence, so Isais' nail shall ripen by unthinking human action. Honor you may give him always, to the lonely knight he was always faithful - but know: human feelings can not know Malok. Therefore, the astray owes the astray to himself.

I speak to you what you need to know. Take note of everything! Nothing is to be missed. Three flames let burn at any time, where perhaps an image of Malek stands not mine. Spear and mirror's high secret is already given to you by Isais. You walk between Greenland and earthen world. Far weave I! Bind your pursuit, invisible mostly and yet strictly firm.

Ancients knew, carved the runes, kept Allvater word. Until foreign winds blew the poisonous dust into the thoughts of human beings, until evil seed arose all among the peoples. Awakens remembering, what lay long asleep, new ray old sun lets shine, inner sun, inward light.

Old handed down, yet eternally young: high lineage rising spirit. The ancestors look from over there. Ancients knew, carved the runes, well announced, knowledgeable transmitting from many, what was, what was long ago:

Three tribes united to the people: Landborn, seaborn, airborn there were. The first sprouted from the ancient soil, the second sailed from afar but the sea, the third came from the sun land, from the high tower near the clouds. All of them were united in early times by Thale, the sacred island. Remembering this, they united anew, guided by the Father. Many forgot it, some did not see through it: One people had always been.
Since ancient times: Fate divided - skillfully reunited.
First dividing fate was raging fire - everywhere. Burning the earth, scorching the grass, evaporating the fresh waters, tearing up the peoples' marrow. Second dividing fate was rushing flood everywhere showering, whirlpool tearing, foaming waves, breaking out of clouds, surging out of rivers and seas. Sinking countries, devouring peoples.
In it dividing fate came with an icy grip: glaring giants without mercy; people had to flee.

Three dividing destinies divided a people into three. They went apart - again they found each other. Sent was to them - by Allvater's salvation - Ishtar, again to one, to form anew midnight people, the primeval rulers of the holy island.

Because water jug light needs carrying strength, so invisibly pours over the human races. Then the destined ones shall be reunited in golden time. thousand years certainly to transform. Water jug light in inner gold. Ishtara and Isaiah are therefore called two from the Word of the Father, each in her own way, to serve the heroes in a guiding way.

True I speak, Isais, to quench your thirst for knowledge from the well of knowledge. Wise sent down the man Allfather many a time, transmitted Ishtara also into the kingdom of the Great King, who ruled the earth from all winds. Bel was the name of his country. He, the mighty king, had written down how it was reproduced from a seer's mouth. Up to Thale, to the holy island, the Great King made known the message of the goddess in the time units of golden knowledge.

Times on it darkness curse approached the people, when Shaddain cruel servants chose and these took him to their god. Half-cloud eclipse the stars darkened', bloodlust awoke, horror to the peoples, darkness time, guile of the tragedy, malice of the deed:
Shaddain's brood spread wide, gained space. The furrows of the earth became blood gutters no one loved the other.

Even Allfather's living message was slaughtered by the servants of the dark horror. For Allfather as Allkrist himself had done it. Darkness hated again him turned to rage. Light power martyred, truth trampled, liberator bounded - terrible time.

Isais kept watch, from Greenland, for valiant heroes, unbowed. Examining, she saw the certain tribe, to whose best she professed. Few they are, taken as a whole, and few in number from them, too. I recognized, through the greenlandic mirror: the holy flock, my heart goes out to them. To you it is spoken. High hold the election, not disregard the freestyle. No other gender could rule your service. Knowledge gained the hovering eagle lonely above the cloudy heights. Silently contemplating, silently comprehending, knowingly proceeding: So does the wise man. Questions of the day night find answer, if inserted ancestors calmly rises to the spirit.
Man's sword, battle-raised, is twofold: outside the ore and inside the will. Never the chosen one, the clever one, the mature one, the destiny course already from afar to see. He who knows himself, recognizes the course of his destiny, his purpose, the unknowing easily stumbles. Work is the deed of high meaning, whether small or great. Seeing the work thrive, you recognize yourself in it, create joy and ever new strength.

Attention! Much I tell you not alone from me, stand in Allfather duty first of all his word. After it only striving mine, is proven that also Ischtara hears you. She is messenger to him. Therefore give her honor, image and place. On the day before the time she may still speak to you, if Allfather wants. Therefore keep her space free. The Ishtara creates holy pillar, high erected towards heaven, when Aquarian time approaches. Then go from me to her the ribbon, then kiss Ishtara eyes, lips and crown. So Ishtara's light shines to the coming peace as before to the fight Isaien's embers.

What was told you from Isai's mouth: to you it is. Not to all men, not to all peoples, weigh what is to be known to all: All Father's oversight of the world's events, All Father's care, All Father's being active in everything.

Ishtarah and Isais: They are specially for you. Not everyone knows what is required here. Do not let the weak reach for it, the inhabitants of Earth are different, what they like, what their office is, which way their work. Recognize help each, to find that his, because everyone has his place after his kind.

Shaddain's blood-steaming claw wants to confuse. Lying is his own, envy he teaches, stirs up envy from one to the other. Listen to all voices, pay attention to every sign. Falsehood throws into the world Shaddain's servants. Be careful. Do not forget: Unclean is the multitude of the people here, they all fell away from Allfather's home. Great is the evil, before the water jug's ray has cleared; deceitfulness manifold, treachery frequent. Treachery inhabits this world. Innocent alone are the beasts of the earth, the fish of the water, the birds of the air and everything that creeps, jumps and runs. Innocent are also the green plants. These and all these are therefore sanctified.

Isais, to me, is close to the felines, great and small.
Such once stood by me in battle against the forces of evil on the shores of Greenland. In the cat lineage you also honor Isais' kind, the vibrations of both spirits are related.

Who is the strongest? Who is the bravest hero? He it is who goes through the beyond and through Greenland's climes in Allfather's strength, through faithful belief, the inward gaze directed to the heavenly realm.
Eternal life is promised there, unbreakably given. Remember: There is no death! Dying heals the beginning, renewed wandering through other world structures. Nothing frightens you, nothing causes you fear. The light shines eternally - living light part of it firmly sunk into you all. What man is on earth, animal and also green plant: eternally lives it everlastingly. Keep this blessed knowledge.

Holy will be found on the mountain of the assembly high princes in the protection of the gods, wise to rule. Under the secret umbrella of the mountain of the world, invisible to the eyes of men, unassailable stands, tangible stone, ready for men. The top of the world tree rises from there: no one sees it with the earthly eye, and yet it is there.

Holy places, sacred groves, indiscriminate temples: All Father's breath there breathes on the visitor. There the seeker will find, fathom the heavens breath.

That is the end - when this world passes away Heaven and hell-pool remain. And no one changes the place anymore

This is the end:
When all is returned home to the beginning. This is the end: When all paths are fulfilled, when each and every one has passed through the gate, when every work has been accomplished. Blessed peace, then everything rejoices, far from all suffering, escaped every torment: regained Allfather's bosom.

This is the end. Eternal beginning again. Light from the light shines to all beings of all ways fulfillment. Still far is the time. This spoke to you Isais, I, Greenland's maiden.

The chosen ones are able to grasp it.


The Isais' Hope

  1. Through iron times you will go, through cruel, hard, without sunny nature.
    It must not frighten you. For harder you are.
  2. Through hollow emptiness you will go, through hours of seemingly lost meaning.
    It must not paralyze you. For meaningful you are.
  3. Through stony deserts you will go, desolate and without shielding.
    It must not torment you. For comfort you and shielding you are.
  4. Through raging storms you will go, everything, it seems, they tear away.
    It must not make you complain and tremble. For rich you are within.
  5. Through rough mountains you will go, pitiless, scraping the rock.
    It must not hinder you. For tougher you are.
  6. Through the suffering of disappointment you will go, prepared by humanity.
    It must not bend you, For truly you are.
  7. Through manifold tribulations yet you will go and yet always prevail.
    For hope you are. And rightly trusting.
  8. Do not hope in my and the gods' powers, this note therefore: all time hope be strong.
    Nothing then can also conquer you.